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Classic Vehicles for Sale at Classic Cars By Lloyd

Classic Cars by Lloyd offers original and restored classic vehicle for the avid collector. Collector cars are historically ahead of the inflation curve and will give you a solid protected investment that is fun to own. We find collectors are looking for prestine, low-mileage cars, or cars that have been restored to their original condition. Very seldom does a high dollar out-of-pocket restoration pay for itself. Buying a fully restored complete classic saves you money in the long run and is ready for you to enjoy on delivery. Properly restored original classics can be used to drive or to show. We perform a third party inspection on all of our cars, which is available to you. If you are an empty nester and want the car you had as a teenager or want the kind of car you had when you were first married, please give us a call. As collectors out selves, we specialize in original luxury and high performance automobiles. We look for factory original classics.

Rare Cars

We look for restored cars with the factory original fixtures and materials. Properly restored classic cars can be used for driving, shows, and sheer pleasure. To ensure each car is in excellent driving condition, we perform 3rd inspections on all of our vehicles so that there are no surprises when you buy it from our lot.

Currently, station wagons are popular to add to car collections, which means they are becoming harder to find. Fortunately, we recognized this trend when it first started by using our market knowledge and collector experience. If you want to add a station wagon to your own collection, stop by our lot to see the available models we have.

Contact our dealership to discover what classic vehicles await your perusal on our lot. Call us at 641-228-3500 or Click to E-Mail.